Positive Thinking - Positive Outcomes

My clients all know that having a positive mindset is crucial to making physical progress. A negative mindset usually means we’re stressed and a stressed body is not a happy body. Does this mean we have to be happy and pretend like everything is okay when it’s really on fire? HELL NO. There are a few categories people fall into when it comes to having a negative mindset:

✖️Negative self talk

✖️Projecting to the world that everything is the worst

✖️Lack of self confidence. You keep saying “I can’t” when really, you mean “I wont”

The negative self talk people, y’all have to stop. It can be anything from saying “I’m fat” “I’m the worst” “I hate my legs because I have cellulite” “I’m not smart enough” “I’m not small enough” STOP SAYING THOSE HORRIBLE THINGS. Would you say those things about another person? No, so stop saying them about yourself. When you start to think of these negative thoughts, stop yourself, flip it and reverse it. Say something positive. Come up with a mantra. Repeat that shit until you believe it. No one in their right minds thinks you’re the worst, no one knows what you weigh, you are enough.

What we project into the world can either be positive or negative. We can complain about life, how we feel, politics, our mental health, our physical health, how annoying Susie is because she got a pull up before we did. What good does all of that negativity do? Does it make you happier? Does it change anything? Does all of the complaining make you get a pull up just like Susie? NO so stop that shit. If you’re unhappy about the way your life is going YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN CHANGE THAT.

You don’t have confidence you can do something. You keep saying “I can’t start watching what I eat now, I have so much going on” “I can’t join the gym, I have no time””I can’t start a new career, what would people think?” I want you to replace all of those “I cant’s” with “I won’t”. “I WON’T start watching what I’m eating, I have a lot going on.” “I WON’T join the gym, I’m so busy” “I WONT start a new career, I’m comfortable and scared”. You can easily learn your priorities right there. Are there some things you legitimately can not do? Absolutely. Distinguishing the difference between the two will put your goals into perspective and make what you actually want in life a priority.

So what does this have to do with your nutrition? First, negative self talk and negative projection creates stress on your body and life. We don’t have to love every single part of ourselves right now, we also don’t have to constantly shine light on the negatives. Stress on your body and anywhere in your life can make it extremely hard for fat loss or muscle gain depending on what your goal is. The words you say matter.

If you don’t have the confidence you can make a change, then you won’t make that change. If you keep using the words “I can’t”, you better believe you can’t. No one ever reached their goals by saying that.

The words you speak and the words you think dictate the way you live in all aspects of life. Be kind to yourself just like you would be kind to others. Believe in yourself because you are worth it. STOP with the self deprecating, life is horrible crap. Its not horrible, your mindset is. Be the change you want to see. Embrace it. YOU are worth it. Your health, your goals, your mental health is worth it.

Author: Ryann Dacy, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @ryann__nicole__