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Nutrition Designed Specifically For You




Black Iron Nutrition

We teach you far more than “eat this” and “not that”, as we pride ourselves on being educators. Beyond changing your thought process, we change your body. Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, we implement a simple, effective, and scientific approach to individualized nutrition.

Meal Planning EBOOK

We've developed an over the top, comprehensive meal planning guide to help you stay on plan to achieve your goals. Complete with specific examples based on a variety of macros and dietary preferences so that anyone, regardless of goals, can learn and benefit from the book.


Flexible Dieting is the assessment of caloric needs and partitioning of macronutrients based on an individuals goals. In her book, Krissy teaches you how to calculate, track and adjust your macros based on those goals. All clients receive a copy of FD 2.0 with their membership.



At Black Iron Nutrition we know that not every coach is the “perfect fit” for every client, thus BIN has created a team of coaches to cover all the bases. We have an effective pairing system to ensure that the client is working with the best possible person to help them reach their ambitions in a judgement free, relatable environment.



We've worked with thousands of clients who have transformed their bodies, improved their athletic performance and made positive and sustainable changes to their nutrition and lifestyle. 

“Joining BIN was probably one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. It completely changed the way I view food and what it does for me. It gives me something to work for everyday and a community to speak to.” -Kaitlin Fisher

“The changes that occurred these past months have been far beyond weight loss. My relationship with food is changing. My mental, emotional, and body awareness is changing. I feel like a different person.” -Zach Anderson

“I’m confident, proud and much happier than I was 6 months ago.  BIN and my coach were exactly what I needed in my life. Having a person in your corner and a safe place to vent or ask questions or just observe…I loved it. -Melissa Hudson