Our Software: How it Works


All of our services utilize the same software platform. Whether you’re a client of BIN Macros, BIN Autopilot, BIN Wellness or BIN Restore, you will have access to our online member portal where you will check in each week. Although each service is slightly different in their check in process and the level of feedback you will receive, as a client of Black Iron Nutrition you will have access to most of the features shown below.


Detailed On-boarding Form

When you join Black Iron Nutrition we’ll ask you to complete our detailed on-boarding form. We want to know everything there is to know about you in order to create a plan that you can not only stick to but will yield the results you seek.

The more educated we are on YOU, the better we can help you reach your goals.


Weekly Check-Ins

You will check in with your coach weekly through the software, and in that check in, we ask it all! How you slept, hunger levels, energy levels, how we can best help you, how your training went, and so on. And depending on the program you’re in, some of these questions will be more elaborate than others.

Progress Tracking

From your profile you can see your progress over time. Body weight, measurements and photos are uploaded each week to keep track of your progress.



Food Diary and Macro Syncing

Our software syncs with MyFitnessPal and MyMacros+. By using one of these apps to track your food, you can easily sync your food diary each week when you’re submitting your check in. After you’ve synced and submitted your update we are able to see all your macros for the week and how close you were to hitting what we prescribed; complete with a green/red/yellow color coding system so that your own data is digestible to YOU as well as us. But even better... we can actually SEE into your food diary through the software, which allows us to make substitutions and alterations to your diet effortless.


Fitbit Integration

Our software also syncs with your Fitbit and shows us your daily steps and sleep. These are both useful tools for helping us to understand and analyze your progress each week.


Habit Tracking

Our coaches also have the ability of giving you habits to track each week. If you’re struggling with certain aspects of your nutrition or just looking to become more consistent with something, this is a helpful way to make sure you’re implementing those changes each day and each week.

See it in action…