Your Simplified Grocery Guide

Grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a dreadful task. Especially if we tend to over complicate things. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. Keep it simple. Go to the store knowing what you will be making for the week, and don’t get pulled into the fancy marketing of foods that you simply don’t need.

In this grocery guide, coach Ryann has broken it all down for you and suggested how many things to pick from each category (including your major macronutrients, your micronutrient rich fruits and veggies, quick snacks and seasonings to add flavor to your meals).

Ryann’s grocery shopping pro tip: Stick to the outer rim of the grocery store. That’s where all of the nutrient dense foods are! Then pick a few things from the inner isles because #balance

Author: Ryann Dacy, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @ryann__nicole__