Tips for Sustainable Living

I love this month’s topic. I think that a lot of us (myself included) can get better as making this world a more sustainable place. Sometimes I think to myself, “I am just one person, what does it REALLY matter?” - but that’s the problem right there. All of our small efforts actually add up to helping our environment and help create a more sustainable world in which we live. We want this place to place, so why not put the effort in, no matter how *insignificant* it might seem? 

Here are a few things that I have started incorporating into my day to day, and I think it's a really good opportunity to start being more sustainable for everyone. These things aren’t monumental and huge tasks, they are very doable, small things that end up being big things :)

No more plastic bags at the grocery store. No, not the ones you put all your stuff in as you check out (even though you should ALSO use reusable bags), but the ones you put your produce in. Either use some reusable cloth ones, or just put the produce directly into your cart. Most cashiers don’t mind it! And if they do, let ‘em care. They’ll get over it! 

Make your coffee at home!!! Not only that, try to get the reusable k-cups for those who have a Keurig!! The k-cups are very hard to recycle. If you are someone who does not want to make your coffee at home (hello people, you save SO MUCH by doing so, just saying) - at least get a travel mug to use instead of the cups at your local coffee spot.

Don’t use plastic water bottles. Drink a lot of water. I tell ALLLLL my clients that. Gallon challenge ;) - But it’s very important to not create more plastic waste than we need to!! Purchase a big water bottle, maybe even a nice insulated one to keep your water cold, and just keep refilling that bad boy. 

Get reusable straws - *insert Mermaid Straw Plug* - but for real. Plastic straws are typically so small, they don’t actually get recycled and get tossed into landfills and usually end up in our oceans. There are so many options out there, but Mermaid Straws is a really amazing company that you can get some reusable straws from. Carry them in your purse, workout bag, or if you’re like me, your fanny pack!! 

I think a really big one for us BIN-ers is to stop wasting food. Food waste isn’t always our fault (the WAY its produced and shipped causes some of these issues), however, if we can do our best to reduce our own food waste, we can do our part. A BIG part of this will be to create a meal plan. (insert huge winking emoji). Obviously planning your food out is really helpful to hitting macros, too, but if we can make a plan, stick to that plan, and just buy/prep that food we need, we will actually end up creating less waste in the long run!!! You also save money by not making those unnecessary spur of the moment purchases. 

See? Not huge monumental changes to your life. Little things that can add up to helping our earth thrive. Let’s reduce our footprint a little bit at a time!!

Author: Kelsey Kiel, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @kelskiel