If You Aren't Consistent, You Can't Say It Didn't Work

Usually my blog posts are like "self-love, be kind to yourself, you're amazing..." I'm a positive person and I feel like people are WAY too hard on themselves a lot of the time. But today, I'm doling out some tough love. 

You have no one to blame but yourself for not getting the results you want if you aren't following the plan that's been laid out for you. Sorry, but that's the truth. If you aren’t consistent, you can’t say it didn’t work. If you don’t adhere to your plan at least 80-90% of the time for a few months to begin with (and often far longer), do you think it makes sense for you to throw your hands up say "this isn't working!”

I don't ask my clients for perfection - because that's COMPLETELY unrealistic. And unsustainable. But, if you have goals on the line, and you aren't sticking to the plan, what did you expect to happen? That the results you wanted would magically appear? Sorry, not gonna happen. You've got put in the work. 

And no, I'm not just talking about following a nutrition plan (although that's VERY important!). I'm talking about prioritizing sleep. Hitting 8 hours a night. Managing your stress and adding in rest days, meditation, yoga, etc. Watching your micros. Eating mostly whole foods. Indulging with certain foods sparingly, while not throwing away an entire day due to ONE misstep in your plan. Getting your steps in. Lifting weights and doing some cardio. ALL PARTS MATTER. Not just your workouts or your calories. ALL OF IT. 

If your adherence to the plan put in place by your coach is crap, don't expect your results to be better than that. I'm not a wizard (as much as I want to be b/c ya'll know how obsessed I am with Harry Potter). I am here to guide you to where you want to be - and part of that involves me bringing to light that certain habits/actions need to change. It's up to you to figure out if you're ready, willing, and able to do that. 

Be honest with yourself. Call yourself out. You should be able to tell if you're proud of your effort or not. 

Author: Megan Markoff, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @meganmarkoff