Finding Balance in Life, Work and Nutrition

We all know that one person who seems to have their life together, everything seems so easy and carefree. I think we all strive to be like that in some way or another. That person probably goes into each day with a plan. 

In order to find that perfect balance in life we need a plan. A plan for our jobs, our nutrition and our free time. I’m not saying you have to plan everything by the books but you do need to have some time management. 

I’m someone who procrastinated all through school, NEVER had a plan for anything and figured I could rush to get everything done. I was wrong.  

I starting BINterning and studying for my PN1 certification and I quickly realized I needed a plan for my everyday life. I was still working full time as a stylist at a salon so that was the main task I built my plan around. That was step one. After that I had to plan my time around BINterning and studying. I had time before and after working at the salon to handle these tasks.  I would also study on my breaks at the salon and any leftover time would be used to help Kels with whatever she needed at Black Iron. Next was planning my own nutrition and gym time. I’m not going to lie, gym time was few and far between at this point. I went from working out 5-6 days to 2-4 days. It wasn’t at the top of my priorities at the time and I couldn’t run my body into the ground. I made sure I took 2 days out of the week to meal prep and grocery shop. Having meals ready to go was key because it made hitting my goals so much easier and stress free. After that was time with my boyfriend, dog, family and friends. I made sure I had at least an hour with my boyfriend each night and I made sure to stay off my phone and social media and give the people I love my attention. Whatever time I had left was either spent relaxing or enjoying time with friends. 

It is possible to work, go to the gym, hit your macros, and spend time with family and friends. Here is the easiest way to plan:

  1. Get a planner. 

  2. The first thing you will plan is whatever has a schedule for the week which is usually school, work or both. Schedule around these priorities.

  3. If you have an event or have to get the kids to practices plan this next. 

  4. Now you have some free time to meal prep and grocery shop. Plan this in! Once you become a meal prep master it should only take you about an hour, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things!

  5. Gym time!! Plan out an hour of your day to get your butt to the gym. Whether you only go once a week or six times a week, plan it out!! 

  6. Use whatever free time you have left and enjoy!! Relax, hang out with your significant other or pet, do something fun, get outside and enjoy! 

These six steps are all you need! Yeah, sometimes things won’t go as planned. Don’t be that person that when one thing goes wrong you say screw it and cry in the corner (I’ve done that). Pick yourself back up and move on to the next thing. Maybe your planned gym time gets put off because something popped up. THAT’S OKAY. You have whatever you need to do next in that planner and ya move on. In order to find that happy balance you need to PLAN. 

Plan it out, live a happy life and hit your goals! 

Author: Ryann Dacy, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @ryann__nicole__