Kelly's Advice to Clients During the Holiday Season

Here is a little message I sent my clients about the holiday and some tips I try to live by during this time of year!

Do not fear the holidays. How sad is that? I used to almost hate birthdays, Christmas, events, because I felt like I was messing up. I didn’t want to see my family because I couldn’t control my food.

So, rule #1-- change your mindset about the holiday season and do not associate food with spending quality time with the people you love the most.

#2. Start the day right. Wake up and workout. Even if you are hosting, get up before your guests and move, even if it is only for 10 minutes. Write down your workout the night before, set your alarm, and do it. (Maybe put on a pot of coffee before incase your guests do get up before you, they can at least start their day off on the right foot as well).

#3. Drink tons of water. This will make sure you stay hydrated and keep you feeling a bit fuller.

#4. Get rid of the “all or nothing” mindset. Crazy, I know, but cookies will still be there next week-- we don’t need to get all the good foods in the one day!

#5. Pick and choose which holiday parties you can stay completely on track for and which ones you want to be a bit more flexible. Ex: Work has a holiday luncheon. Ehh… maybe you go, see what they have, load your plate with some meat and veggies and you can still be spot on for the day. Maybe Christmas eve you go to your aunts for dinner and you want to kick back, enjoy some foods you don’t normally have, and have a few drinks. THAT’S FINE! Just know that you don’t need to go crazy just bc you are not 100% that day.

#6. Offer to bring a veggie or an app that you can control what is in it.

#7. Remember, it is one day, not a season. If you fall off course one day, have a plan to get right back to it the next day and forget about it.

#8. Last, if there is a special dessert that your sister in law makes every Christmas and you look forward to it. EAT IT! But, stay away from the foods that happen to just be “sitting there”. You can do without the Reese’s cups or the pretzels.

Stay focused this holiday season, but don’t forget to enjoy it! Staying consistent, not being all or nothing, is the key here!

Author: Kelly Baker, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @kelbakr928