Holiday Weekend Nutrition Tips

Staying on track for parties and BBQ’s isn’t hard. We tend to over complicate things by not asking what food will be there, by forgetting everything that we know about moderation and nutrition, by drinking too much and losing control, by not planning ahead.

Staying on track is EASY. Here are some easy things to bring to the next BBQ or party you’ll be attending to help you stay on track.

Throw these on the grill:

  • Burger patties. Bison, beef, salmon or turkey. Bring whatever you like! Season it up at home, pre portion it out and bring enough to share

  • Chicken thigh or breast. Put some of that TJ’s coffee rub on it and VIOLA

  • Wings. Whether its dry rubbed or sauced, everyone loves a good chicken wing

  • Kabobs. Chicken, shrimp, steak, veggies, pineapple. Season with coconut aminos and garlic *chef’s kiss*

Bring a side dish:

  • Fruit salad or veggie platter. Literally cannot go wrong and its simple!

  • Pasta salad. Whip up some Banza Pasta and add all your favorite pasta salad fix ins.

  • Guacamole, salsa and chips! You can’t go wrong and if you make your own you can control your sodium intake ;)

  • Coach Ashley’s chicken salad recipe found on the BIN recipe blog!

  • You can never go wrong with a charcuterie board. Simple, delicious and packed with protein!


This is where everyone tends to lose their minds. Its like all the mindfulness gets tuned out and the all or nothing attitude comes in. YOU CAN HAVE A SLICE OF CAKE. YOU CAN HAVE ONE COOKIE. YOU CAN HAVE A SCOOP OF ICE CREAM. Its when we start going back for seconds and thirds and fourths where we need to decide “do I really need another piece?” “Will this make my stomach hurt if I have 5 cookies”. Stick to one serving of dessert. Don’t over do it and you’ll be just fine.

The main take aways for BBQs and parties are:

  • Stay mindful

  • Be prepared

  • Have fun!

Author: Ryann Dacy, Black Iron Nutrition Coach, @ryann__nicole__