Growing up in Northern California among farms and gardening Acacia’s love for fitness, nutrition and health started before she could walk. She was constantly running around as a kid and her parents quickly learned that her love for climbing wasn’t just a phase and enrolled her in gymnastics. Sports became what her day-to-day life revolved around. After succumbing to a number of injuries she left gymnastics and transitioned to track & field and soccer, playing into college. During that time she found CrossFit and fell in love with the fitness community. One day she stumbled upon Krissy Mae Cagney’s Instagram and a friendship ignited.

Her passion for competing and training had once again sparked but she was quickly thrown another curveball. Facing complex health issues including a rare genetic autoimmune disorder that attacks her endocrine system she was forced to quit her job and intense training. Falling out of love with running and cardio and falling in love with weights she changed her focus to Weightlifting. Acacia quickly fell in love with the barbell but she knew she needed to approach her eating habits, lifestyle and training differently. She had found paleo years prior and used the methodology but knew something was missing. After taking Food & Nutrition Science classes in college she became frustrated with textbooks and professors preaching science from 20 years prior. 

Shortly after in 2014, the first edition of Flexible Dieting by KMC was released. Finally things started to make sense. She researched and studied, applying what she had learned and experienced. Over the next few years she continued to question her professors and wondered how she would apply her love for nutrition and helping others who were also struggling. Growing tired of working jobs that didn’t promote healthy lifestyles she reached out to KMC in March, 2018 and made the move to Reno, NV the following month. 

In her free time Acacia loves collecting plants, spending time outdoors with her dog Harley and curling up on the couch for a good Netflix binge session with her cat, Blanca.