Not long ago, I found myself lethargic, uncomfortable, and in desperate need for change. After consistently eating my feelings as the consequence of stress, I realized it was influencing all parts of my life. My mindset, motivation, quality of life, workouts, and energy were dwindling. As my wife and I have moved multiple times, had numerous changes in employers, and experienced huge life changes since we married, we never completely saw the impact it really made on us physically. We kept putting off our physical health and well-being and turned to food to handle stress and emotion. Sure, we were working out 8-10 hours a week, but we'd totally negate it on our food choices.

Finally we realized we needed to rearrange and relocate our nutrition to coincide with the satisfaction we felt in our lives. Life has certainly thrown its challenges this past year, but it is incredible to see the physical changes that have occurred as a result of Black Iron Nutrition.

My wife & I signed up for Black Iron in February 2017. On February 28, I weighed 210 pounds and my waist was 38.5 inches. I knew I had some extra weight around my midsection, but thought it was more genetic as I always had it throughout my life. For months now, I've been counting macros, hitting specific goal numbers for grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. I've checked in weekly with Krissy and told her of my triumphs and struggles. I've mentioned to her that I've always had issues with my body and she patiently helped me change my mindset.

Although I consider myself a confident person, it didn't mean I wasn't self-conscious. The changes that occurred these past months have been far beyond weight loss. My relationship with food is changing. My mental, emotional, and body awareness is changing. I feel like a different person.

My workouts have completely changed. With the nutrition changes, I've seen tons of progress in all my movements. I have been hitting huge PRs despite taking the focus away from hitting them. I pulled 505 on a deadlift; got strict muscle-ups, handstand walks, and strict handstand push-ups for the first time; done 11 bar muscle ups in a row; consistently hit butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups; & burpees have become one of my best movements.

In June 2017 I weighed 182 pounds and my waist is 30.5 inches. I'm not done with Black Iron Nutrition. I initially joined the program to lose weight, but then the emphasis turned into gaining lean mass. It really has been a huge success. In August 2017, I weighed 188 pounds.

When I am done, I may not continue to look like this. But that won't stop me from having a better relationship with myself and my own body.