”My fitness & nutrition story started almost 5 years ago when I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, that left my pelvis and ankle shattered among other serious injuries. I left the inpatient rehab facility weighing around 103 lbs and looking very unhealthy/underweight. It took me months to relearn how to walk, and I will suffer from permanent nerve damage to my leg the rest of my life. Over the next few months and years I quickly gained back the weight but not in the best way. I sought help from staff at nutrition shops and nutrition coaches who had me eating 1400 calories a day for about a year, despite doing crossfit 6 days a week. I developed an unhealthy relationship with food, and almost feared certain foods, let alone the damage I did to my metabolism being in a deficit for that long. I finally said enough was enough and went looking for a new source of information and guidance.

I stumbled upon BIN through various people I followed on Instagram and started reading. I knew I had to try it. I was paired with Emi and my first 3 months has gone by in the blink of an eye. I can't believe the progress she has help me make, and the relationship with food that she has helped to mend; I mean, I eat 3100 calories a day now!!! I've put on about 8 lbs of healthy weight, I feel stronger, I am having less pain than I've ever had in the last 5 years (and taking less prescriptions), and we arent even close to done with my progress!

Really having someone "in your corner" that's knowledgeable, caring, and takes the time to answer your questions makes a world of difference. Emu always encourages healthy varieties of things for me, and I feel more confident in the way I look AND feel now, then back when I weighed 124 lbs at 11% body and was still insecure. A perfect example of how your mental approach to your nutrition and training can make a huge impact on your results and your confidence.”

-Amy Barwell


“I started BIN this past June in hopes to get leaner and stronger. I have a background in high school and college sports and I have counted macros before, but I was mostly hoping for just some accountability for a couple months. During the 6 months with Jilda as my coach, I not only got leaner and stronger, but I gained a confidence I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling, and learned so much about my body and food! I am eating 300 more calories a day than when I started. I gained 3lbs of muscle, and lost like 2.5% body fat (I came in pretty lean for a non-elite athlete). My waist stayed around 26 inches but got an inch of booty gains to 38 inches, whoop whoop!! I feel better, have more energy, look stronger, and perform better! I came in with a back squat max of 175# and I was just starting to train Olympic lifting. This past month I hit 194# back squat for 4x2 in a training session. I snatched 120# in a local comp a couple months ago, and hit a 145# clean! Jilda also helped me with my training and programming. I can’t even express the kindness and sincere help that Jilda gave me, she always had encouragement and great recourses and information. I can’t continue BIN at the moment, but during my temporary time away I am confident in coaching myself because Jilda taught me so much! I can’t thank Jilda and the BIN team enough for being such an amazing authentic company.”

-Ally Ellerbe


When I first decided to join BIN my focus was to regain confidence and "control" of my body, little did I know that the biggest change I would gain would be within my mental health. I had found my love for weight training 7 years ago and found it to be a crucial outlet for my anxiety and over all well-being. Two years ago I started having stomach issues and food sensitives paired with an inability to control my emotions and constant fits of rage and depression. After a food elimination diet I started feeling a bit better. But the ability to control my emotions was still nowhere to be found. In January 2018 Black Irons Wonder Woman program came out and I was determined to become myself again, a program that focused on physical and mental health and a bit of nutrition. While I couldn't come to terms at the time with the state of my mental health, I fell into a consistent gym routine, after completing 2 rounds of the Black Iron Wonder Woman I knew it was time to make the commitment to my overall health to see the change I need. 

Working with Ryann for the last 7 months has been life changing. Not only am I eating more than I thought could be “allowed”, I have lost weight and inches while gaining strength and stamina. Through Ryanns constant support and guidance I have been able to further isolate foods that were causing me issues. I was feeling out of control these last two years as to what irritates my stomach and mind. Through BIN I have been able to find clarity and control of my emotions and eating habits. The daily desire to "watch the world burn" has subsided, and I feel more like "myself" than I have in years.  Being able to maintain a level head has lead me to being able to abstain from letting myself be complacent in my life, I  have been able to refrain from my nightly “night caps” that would lead to nightly munchies, derailing my days progress. I never expected for my mental health to be where the biggest impact working with Ryann and BIN would be, but I am so thankful for it and that I signed up.

-Aimee Hill


I started having intestinal issues back in August. It started with pain after eating occasionally and developed into pain after eating ANYTHING, nausea/vomiting, extreme fatigue and just generally being sick. I went to a regular GI doc and they were practically no help. I then finally went and saw a naturopath who got me on track with proper testing and assessment. Before we had even concluded what my diagnosis was he suspected SIBO and Gastroparesis. (oh joy). He highly recommended that I seek help of a nutritionist or nutrition coach that has experience with these sorts of issues and I IMMEDIATELY thought of BIN and Jilda after having seen her vulnerability with her own issues on Instagram. He gave me the green light and I have been SO HAPPY since I finally signed up and got on Jildas waiting list. 

From day one your team has been fantastic. Communication about how the waiting list process works was amazing, giving me other options in case I wanted to get started right away, and then how in depth the process for admission was is just incredible. I'm a nurse/coach and I greatly appreciate how detailed the questionnaire for becoming a client is. 

Jilda is attentive, realistic, positive and motivational. I have the added pleasure of being her follower on Instagram so I know she understands my health and wellness but that she will also do everything she can to help me reach my athletic goals. 

I'm no where near as healthy as I was before I was sick but having Jilda in my corner rooting for me (along with her BINtern Marisa) has been so helpful for my mental health surrounding this whole experience. I know I'm not navigating this who experience by myself anymore and that is absolutely priceless.

- Elise Howlett


The craziest thing about looking back to when I started with BIN is that I didn't think I really needed it. I knew that I had a sugar addiction and an emotional eating issue that could use some help, but as a Personal Trainer looking to move into nutrition I mostly just wanted to know what having a coach was like.

It feels impossible to summarize all of my wins into one nice qoutable sentence. The mental growth that my coach took me through will never be able to be put into an eye-catching "I lost 15lbs with BIN" quote, and that's the best part about BIN. It's about lifelong mental shifts and habits that will carry throughout your entire life, giving you the tools to reach any goal even after your time with BIN is over. On my last check in I was able to write my coach a novel and a half about everything I was proud of over the last year.

Just sign up and trust your coach.

- Elizabeth Siegel


I came to BIN like a lot of women do: with a long history of disordered eating in my rear view mirror. Emotional/stress eating, anorexia, exercise bulimia, bingeing: I had dealt with them all.

Focusing on eating for performance as an adult significantly improved my relationship with food. I have been a competitive horseback rider since I was a kid: showjumping, dressage, and later endurance were my sports of choice, while also having a strong interest in general strength training and running as a part of my own conditioning. It is only fair that the rider be as fit as their horse.

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- Nicole Alvarez