Working with Kelsey and reading the BIN literature changed my perspective on food and how nutrition fuels my body. I'm a healthcare provider and have taken many 'nutrition' course in my years and I never fully understood FOOD.

It took me several months to even get close to my numbers and Kels was always so supportive and never made me feel like a failure or that I wasn't trying hard enough. Her little pep talks were invaluable and having her Crossfit insight was really helpful as well. I've never been able to successfully lose weight - ever - and I was able to lose pounds and inches and GAIN so much strength working with her. My progress was slower than many but it's occurred in a way that I think I can maintain for the long run. Having BIN there to sign up for again if I need to is a great comfort if I ever need some more guidance.

This program truly helps provide tools and mindset to have long term effects for nutrition. I can't say enough that the philosophy of no 'good or bad' foods and that food is FUEL speaks to me and is something I am so grateful for. I've thankfully never had an eating disorder but I've definitely been victim of shaming myself for the way I looked or the foods I ate. This program helped me forgive myself and enabled me to make the changes I was after.

Moving forward, Kelsey and the whole BIN team (too many to name) are a great community to surround myself with - digitally on the gram and FB - to remind myself to not be so hard on myself and find ways to navigate the distorted society we've all grown up in.

My confidence has never been higher and my self-worth has also gone through the roof. My friends and family have been the ones to notice not only the physical changes but they've also noted how confident and self assured I've become - which is saying a lot for this introverted type B personality. I know BIN isn't intended to be a therapeutic experience, but changing how an American woman in her 30s who grew up in the age of slim fast, Photoshop and is existing in a world of tummy teas and plastic surery- being able to find confidence in my body, my food choices and my performance (in the gym and in life) has definitely been transformative.