This Is Not A Cookbook V2

This Is Not A Cookbook V2


This is a badass book teaching you about eating for life. This is a book that answers all of the "what now?" once you have your macros and you can't afford a coach (or maybe you don't want someone breathing down your neck about your eating). This is badass book teaching you how to create your own template and how to eat for longevity, performance, aesthetics, and more. This is a book that will help you plan ahead to hit your macros so you can stop feeling like you are failing; routinely taking three steps forward, then four steps back. This is a book that will actually help you achieve success with your diet. This is a book that will not only help you, but get you excited about your nutrition, as I have concisely packaged up years of knowledge into 50 pages (with the help of the entire Black Iron Nutrition coaching staff).

This book has 25 pages of sample meal plans, with a very wide variety of macros/calories and dietary restrictions. I had my entire Black Iron Nutrition team contribute meal plans, so there is a ton of diversity and all bases/macros are covered. We wanted to show you what a well balanced diet looks like across 50 sets of macros, ranging from 1400 calories all the way up to 5000 calories.

You will not find a single recipe in this text. But what you will find, is all of this...

  • How to create your own nutritional budget

  • How to prioritize your macros and nutrition

  • What to do if you are new to nutrition

  • How to create and stick to a template

  • Food Prep > Meal Prep

  • Getting creative with veggies

  • Flavor Savor ideas to give your food some spunk

  • How to turn up the volume to stay fuller longer

  • What to do if you are a hard gainer

  • 50 of the following sample meal plans: female, male, lower calorie, higher calorie, vegan, pescatarian, pregnancy, breastfeeding (all contributed by some of your favorite people like Manders, Kels, Emi, and Beavs).

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