Iron Cakes

Iron Cakes


Iron Cakes is an accessory glute development program with a secondary emphasis on quads and hamstrings. The aim is to build a big juicy butt by adding some mass to dat ass! With that juicy mass, you’ll also gain a little lower body strength and stamina as a byproduct. If you didn’t know, your butt is a workhorse, responsible for powering most of your movement throughout the day. Strong glutes mean a strong life in general. These workouts are the exact ones we do ourselves to build big, beautiful, strong glutes.

This is not a standalone program, as it meant to supplement your current training regime. There are two workouts a week, both glute dominant. As mentioned, one workout a week will have a secondary emphasis on quads, the other on hamstrings. Assess your current training schedule and decide which two days it makes the most sense for YOU to add on Iron Cakes. Our only “rule” is to not do them back to back. Your glutes are big and can actually handle upward of three specific workouts a week, just do them a favor and give them 48 hours to recover.

There are 12 workouts, totaling six weeks of programming. This is a “repeat” program, where at the end of the six weeks, you will repeat them with a goal of adding weight to every workout during the second six weeks. You will find each day has a warm up, two primary movements, followed by a unilateral movement, ending with a finisher.

-KMC & Chuckie

**This program requires free weights only. The only "machine" work on it comes from cables, which can be substituted with bands. You will need: a barbell, dumbbells, a box, and bands.

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