Black Iron Built

Black Iron Built


It’s pretty easy to find training programs these days on the internet – with the majority leaving you depleted and barely able to drag your half-dead body out of the gym’s front doors. The problem with that approach is it conflates exhaustion with progress; You don't need to murder yourself for hours on end to see results. Plus spending hours on end at the gym can get boring and tedious, and that's if you can even manage to find the time to do it. 

Black Iron Built is different. It is designed to be efficient, balanced but also fun! It also won't take up hours of your time. You can have the most intelligently programmed workout in the world, but if you don’t find it enjoyable you’re like to not adhere to it! 

Black Iron Built is a 12 week program run in three phases. Detailed descriptions of the goals of each phase are presented at the beginning of each phase. We also included coaching cues and points of performance that will help you understand what your correct form should be and how to properly execute each movement. Here's what to expect: 

Phase 1: “The Foundation”
Designed to establish a strong mind-muscle connection, especially with dormant or lagging muscles.

Phase 2: “The Fortification”
Focus on muscle hypertrophy with low frequency but high volume & density.

Phase 3: “The Force”
Programmed for power and strength, this involves high intensity, explosiveness and heavy loads with low volume to ensure proper recovery.

This program does require a “regular” gym set up with machines (cables). However with purchase you also get access to Emi for any variation suggestions if you’re missing a particular piece of equipment and need help finding a suitable substitute. 

Lastly, there is a printable workout log for this program at the end in order for you to log your weights during your training session and keep track of your progress!

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