Zach Anderson

Not long ago, I found myself lethargic, uncomfortable, and in desperate need for change. After consistently eating my feelings as the consequence of stress, I realized it was influencing all parts of my life. My mindset, motivation, quality of life, workouts, and energy were dwindling...

Ava Truckey

I have been overweight and had an unhealthy relationship with food for as long as I can remember.

I was inadvertently taught from an early age that food was both a cure-all and a curse.

Sad? Eat. Mad? Eat. Happy? Eat.

Laura Hershberger

Since starting BIN in September 2017, I’ve had the most phenomenal experience and results! My goals are to optimize my CrossFit performance and body recomp (lose fat, gain muscle). I can say, without a doubt, this program has helped me achieve a new level of fitness.

Claire Clark

If you told me two years ago that I would be sitting here writing about my nutrition and feeling as confident as I am today, I would have laughed at you. After getting sober and into recovery from drugs and alcohol in 2012, my addiction and coping mechanisms came out in my eating habits.

Carsen Mata

When asked if I wanted to be featured on the results page of the new BIN website, I shed some tears. To think that I could be considered inspiring and a prime example of this program’s success made me emotional. I have been at odds with food for most of my life…

Sophie Straith

I began my flexible lifestyle in March 2017, but finally jumped on the BIN train back in November 2017. I had been following Kelsey’s CrossFit journey for a while and looked up to her as an athlete (still do!). Having known about BIN for a while, I finally reached out…

Jessica Whittington

I swear BIN stands for Balance Is Necessary. I never would have thought that a nutrition program would change so much about me-- for the better! Of course I joined for a superficial reason. I had been doing crossfit for 2 years and wasn't seeing the changes in my body that I wanted.

Logan Kelley

3 months with BIN was an investment well made. When I signed up for BIN, I wanted to get off some post-wedding weight I had gained. However, after getting started I realized the accountability with BIN was so much more than just check-in's with a coach to lose weight.

MaryKate Turner

When I first considered signing up with Black Iron Nutrition, I was very hesitant. I was in denial over my diet and thought that just because I made sure to eat enough protein that everything else would fall into place. I didn't worry about micronutrients, and I was afraid of being told...

Phil Deaton

Happier. If I could choose one word to describe my progression with BIN, it is that word. Being happier is the result of a few factors, but one of the main driving forces is amazing direction from Coach Emi! I have learned a tremendous amount about my body...

Christine Ortega

When I first joined Black Iron Nutrition, I didn't know what to expect. Prior to working with Emi, my experience in the fit-world was comprised of bad coaching, cookie cutter meal plans, feeling down about not being perfect every single week, a disappointed coach whenever I'd "cheat", etc.

Katie Klein

As someone who has counted macros and weighed their food for years, I felt extremely comfortable with the structure on BIN. What I was looking for mainly was accountability and that extra push to bring me to my goals. Working with Coach Kay over the past 3 months…

Diana Hurd

I joined BlN in June 2018 but this is certainly not my first go at managing my nutrition. I have been doing CrossFit since 2012 but I did not begin focusing on my nutrition until 2014. Along the way I have tried various coaches and approaches–at least five different ones–and I've had my ups and downs.

Kaitlin Fisher

What I saw in the mirror has been an issue for me for YEARS. Since my teens I have been trying to lose weight and have never really been satisfied with how I looked. I went from being a athlete in high school thinking I could eat whatever I wanted, to a partying sailor…

Louise Bradshaw

After coming from a background of being a competitive swimmer and then triathlete I always saw myself as skinny. When I started weight lifting all I wanted to do was look and be strong and I knew that was never going to happen without gaining weight.

Bri Gill

After embracing the college lifestyle for quite some time, I started trying to do flexible dieting on my own after receiving starter macros from Krissy Mae Cagney at Black Iron Gym in 2017, but then I realized what I needed was accountability because I wasn’t seeing a lot of progress.

Peter Wolsfelt

Life changing!!! BIN has completely changed my life for the better since starting in January. I have never had a healthy relationship with food and my coach has quickly guided me to a  more healthy life and better understanding of nutrition. My cholesterol was out of control…

Laura Anderson

I began BIN at a really low spot mentally with fitness. I had progressed all I thought possible with CrossFit and fitness in general. No matter how much harder I worked, or extra time spent in the gym, I wasn't seeing PRs or really any sort of progress with skills, wod times, weights lifted, etc...

Maria Rogers

I started my journey with Black Iron Nutrition in September 2017, and I haven’t looked back. I wasn’t completely new to the world of macros/flexible dieting when I joined. Within the year prior I made my way down from 215 to 197 which was a huge success point for me, but I felt as if I had plateaued and wanted to find a Coach/Program that would help me.

Jilda Lamb

When I discovered CrossFit in 2012, I was a 22 year-old who had spent the better part of her life putting her body through the wringer. I had suffered from every eating disorder under the sun and continued to grapple with the mental turmoil that accompanies them. 

Christine Samuel

Working with Black Iron Nutrition for the past year has completely changed my life for the better! Almost my entire life I had an extremely poor relationship with food. I remember being terrified of gaining weight and eating foods that I deemed “bad" or "unhealthy.”

Mayra Correa

I cannot begin to explain how much BIN has changed my life! Initially when I joined BIN my goal was to drop down a weight class from a 58kg weightlifter to a 53kg, and of course to look aesthetically bad ass (cause who doesn’t want that?). After a few short weeks into the program...

Megan Markoff

For years, I took the "less is more" approach towards food until I started with Black Iron Nutrition last year. My complex relationship with food began at the age of 10. Both classmates and adults taunted me day after day, week after week, and month after month about my weight. 

Adam Huston

I used to "count macros" and I use that term loosely because I would just look at a package and say "oh that has too many carbs." Thanks to Emi I gathered a much better understanding of what my body needs and how to fuel it properly. Over the last two months...

Melissa Hudson

When I joined BIN in January 2018 I had no expectations.  All I knew for sure was that I wasn’t happy. Not with my body (the way it looked or the way it was performing) or myself.  I had stopped holding myself accountable for the food I was eating and my body was showing me proof of that.

Warren Brooks

Before I started Black Iron Nutrition, I struggled with my nutrition. I constantly tried to get shredded by cutting fats and cutting carbs. It worked for a little while, but it wasn’t sustainable. I had zero energy, I was always tired, and it was a struggle every day. 

Ben Simons

For anyone thinking that there is no hope and life is just monotonous. I was there. For anyone that hates their unhealthy relationship with food, and NEEDS a change. I was there. And for anyone that struggles waking up in the morning because there is no purpose and excitement to life. I was there.

Danielle Rheault

I had actually had my eye on the BIN IG for awhile, but I was skeptical at first, having gone through a few years with a certain health/fitness MLM, where I saw results...but only at the expense of my sanity and wallet. I certainly did not want a repeat of that...

Elizabeth Beam

When I first started BLN in May I posted a picture of my newborn who had just spent 5 weeks in the NICU after arriving early. I decided to join and really key in my nutrition to be the healthiest I can be for him. He is now a healthy 7 months old and I’m 5# down!

Caitlan Tirabassi

I am down 25 lbs and just shy of 10% body fat in 1 year. I work full time as a Nurse Practitioner, I am a CF-L2 and head trainer at a CrossFit gym and have a 2 & 3 year old. BIN has been the perfect fit for me and I have found so much freedom and enjoyment out of this program.

Natalie Benes

When I first found out about Black Iron Nutrition, it was just Krissy Mae Cagney, doing her thing on Instagram. At the time, I was 50 lbs heavier, I didn't have an ounce of confidence but deep down inside I knew I wanted and deserved better for myself. I bought the original flexible dieting book…

Nicki Pachis

Black Iron Nutrition is like no other. They are composed of a family of like-minded, intelligent people, whose end goal is to instill positive life changes and habits into the lives of each and every client. They are successful because they care about YOUR success and wellbeing…

Stephanie Klien

Working with Kelsey and reading the BIN literature changed my perspective on food and how nutrition fuels my body. I'm a healthcare provider and have taken many 'nutrition' course in my years and I never fully understood FOOD. It took me several months to even get close to my numbers.

Jaime Wolsfelt

This is just the beginning!! That’s exactly the last message I got from my coach. She has given me the self assurance I needed to navigate being a wife and mother over 40 while being on the BIN program. Im finally shedding the weight I never thought I could lose.