Black Iron Nutrition thrives on the following trifecta: development, data, and community. What does this mean? That we coach with the combination of psychology, science, and cutting-edge software to develop our clients on the physical and mental level. We also understand the importance of the notion of a support group (so we created that too), in order to ensure you have encouragement every second of every day for as long as you are with the B.I.N. team!

If your goal is to be the best version of yourself, this is the way to do it. The results start to show almost instantly - whether it be how you look or how you feel.
— Sophie Straith
The undying support and genuine enthusiasm from this group of knowledgeable and empathetic coaches—born from a foundational belief that a client’s progress is closely tied to the relationship that is built—sets BIN apart from other programs of its kind.
— Jilda Lamb

We know we keep using the term "we", and this is because we are made up of a team of ten, and we are all very involved in everything. You will have one coach and you will build a relationship with him or her primarily, however you will always have access to the whole staff at the tip of your fingers, every single day, through our exclusive community Facebook group where members and coaches share recipes, results, hurdles, and successes. The Facebook group has thousands of current and past members in it, all eager to help one another.

Your goals may change over time with us, but the process will always remain the same. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. We hope you will be joining us soon!


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Join over 5,000 people who have changed their lives through personalized, goal oriented nutrition programming backed by science and community.