When I first found out about Black Iron Nutrition, it was just Krissy Mae Cagney, doing her thing on Instagram. At the time, I was 50 lbs heavier, I didn't have an ounce of confidence but deep down inside I knew I wanted and deserved better for myself. I bought the original flexible dieting book, taught myself about macros and started to eat better. This wasn't my first rodeo with weight loss, I had done and failed weight watchers many times, I was a zumba fanatic for awhile, I tried no carb, no fat, trying to just not eat. I tried eating all the cookies in one sitting so they'd be gone tomorrow. My relationship with myself, and with food was a complete disaster. 

One day, I woke up and at 255 lbs went into the gym and asked for a trainer. I started weight lifting and after about 8 weeks or so I started to gain the first ounce of confidence I had in a long time. I ended up leaving a very abusive marriage, worked on myself for a year and with eating clean and following Krissys guidelines got down to 190 lbs. OH but it doesn't end there kids. I found a new boyfriend, who loves the gym but also food as much as I do. We went on hundreds of dates and ate burgers and drank IPA's and this is where I learned that you CANNOT out train a bad diet. 6x a week in the gym and somehow I managed to put on 25 lbs. In February of  2017, Krissy did an open coaching thing, where we filled out an excel sheet and got macros to follow. I was so stoked to have official Krissy math, but my relationship with food still sucked. I found myself fudging the numbers to make the sheet look pretty, and then blamed the macros for not working. I was not ready, and I learned that I had to be super honest with myself. Finally in November I signed up for coaching, worked hard on my relationship and my honesty with food. I experienced a very traumatic event in my family at the beginning of 2018 and instead of throwing all progress away, I opened up to my coach, took a mental break from tracking when I needed it and came back to BIN in July stronger than ever. 

I used to laugh about having a goal of ABS, but I achieved it!
I used to laugh about Crossfit, but now I love it.
I used to think I would be the fat, unconfident girl forever....but now I forgive her.

If you would've told me a year and a half ago that I'd be certified in nutrition, a total nutrition nerd, and signing up to compete in a Crossfit comp, I would've told you you're INSANE.

Black Iron Nutrition gives you the tools you need to change your life. Cut the bullshit and work for the life you deserve.