For years, I took the "less is more" approach towards food until I started with Black Iron Nutrition last year. My complex relationship with food began at the age of 10. Both classmates and adults taunted me day after day, week after week, and month after month about my weight. That led to a downward spiral of food restriction, hours of cardio, and me taking drastic measures to make myself smaller. I vividly remember spending an hour after chemistry class running five miles on the treadmill, going to Lacrosse practice afterwards (for more cardio), and then I would "play" this terrible game of seeing how little I could eat throughout the day. I was miserable. 

In 2014, I found CrossFit, and immediately wanted MORE. I wanted to lift more and perform better, but I had absolutely no idea how to fuel my body. I signed up with another nutrition company that provides auto-templates for their clients. That at least got me to eat carbohydrates and protein, but I wasn't eating ENOUGH to support the 2-3 hours I spent in the gym every day.  I had no one to turn to to help me out. I felt tired, burnt out, anxious, and even worse, I began to experience issues with my sleep.

Fast forward to early November, 2017. Two other girls and I qualified an Elite Team to compete at Wodapalooza in 2018. One of my teammates had been with Black Iron Nutrition for about a year, and she encouraged me to reach out to the company. My coach Kelsey knew immediately that I indeed needed MORE food, and since then, we've been increasing my intake pretty much each month. Soon, I was performing better than I thought I ever could. I felt fit, recovered, and energized, and today, I look back on Wodapalooza and am SO incredibly happy with my performance.  

Coach Kelsey is not only there to help with my nutrition - she listens to my frustrations and my fears. She celebrates my successes. Quite honestly, she changed my life. Black Iron Nutrition is far more than a nutrition company. These coaches are there to support you through all your struggles, whether that's with your job, your personal life, your training, or your relationship with food.