I cannot begin to explain how much BIN has changed my life! Initially when I joined BIN my goal was to drop down a weight class from a 58kg weightlifter to a 53kg, and of course to look aesthetically bad ass (cause who doesn’t want that?). After a few short weeks into the program I started to feel amazing in my own skin. I had more energy, I was killing it during training sessions and I was building a healthy relationship with food. My goal had then shifted from just weight loss to being a healthy individual. 

One of my main issues before I joined BIN was my horrible relationship with food. I would deprive myself from eating the foods I love and after depriving myself and caving I would pig out and eat a whole bad of chips. Fact: Mayra loves chips! Macro counting has allowed me to eat the foods I love in moderation, but it has also introduced me to different healthy foods and recipes. I now LOVE spending my time in the kitchen and meal prepping every Sunday making delicious food that will properly fuel my body. 

Working with my awesome coach Krissy and committing to this program has taught me that progress with weight loss is all about what you are fueling your body with and CONSISTENCY. BIN has given me the accountability I need to keep up with my progress in making smart nutritional decisions. Although I have reached my goal, I am not done yet. I am super excited to see how much more I am capable of accomplishing. Thanks BIN Fam!