When I first considered signing up with Black Iron Nutrition, I was very hesitant. I was in denial over my diet and thought that just because I made sure to eat enough protein that everything else would fall into place. I didn't worry about micronutrients, and I was afraid of being told immediately and in a not nice way that I needed to eat a vegetable once in a while. Signing up was one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself. I was only with Emi for three months (I so don't want to goooo) but in that time I learned to live without revolving around protein shakes and bars. I started eating real foods. I started wanting to eat vegetables. Did you know that broccoli is delicious? Emi was always BEYOND kind and supportive, offering recipes and advice on how to tweak my diet. In the first month I lost nearly ten pounds and three inches off of my waist and never once felt starved for food. I was eating constantly and all nutrient dense foods. My progress got derailed due to my own mental and physical health, not at ALL due to Emi. I am confident in my abilities going forward to take everything Emi taught me and continue with my goals. I cannot thank her enough!