I have been heavily involved in sports since I can remember. From competitive cheer, to swimming to college Rugby, I have always enjoyed being active. During my senior year of high school one of my favorite teachers introduced me to Crossfit and from that point on I never looked back. I fell in love with everything about it which eventually lead me to pursuing my L1 certificate. 

In 2014, after graduating from high school, I moved to Reno to pursue a Kinesiology degree. My freshmen year I ended up falling victim to the “typical” college lifestyle and gained roughly 50 pounds. I went home the summer after my freshman year to compete in a Crossfit competition with my OG Crossfit gym and realized just how out of control my nutrition had become. Although I would love to say that was the turning point for me, things got a lot worse before they got better. From that point I struggled for years with disordered eating, hormone irregularities, body image issues and a plethora of other health related problems that I knew needed to be addressed. This was when I fell in love with the world of nutrition in order to try and take the reigns on my own health. I signed up with coach Kelsey back in 2017 and never looked back. Black Iron Nutrition and flexible dieting have changed my entire outlook on health and wellness. Once the BINternship program came about I knew it was something I needed to pursue. Following in both Jilda and Megan’s footsteps, my passion for helping others go down the same path to becoming the best version of themselves both mentally and physically only grew stronger. 

I currently still live in Reno, Nevada since graduating from school in 2018, where I work full time at Black Iron Gym as both the general manager and powerlifting coach while also working as a caretaker on the side. When I am not busy with work-related activities you can catch me training, hanging out with my dog, and probably dancing somewhere by my lonesome.  

Certifications / Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology

  • Precision Nutrition L1

  • CrossFit L1