Lauren was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the age of five, she got her first horseback riding lesson and devoted the next ten years to the physical and mental quest of Equestrian. After falling into a pattern of youthful bad habits she decided she wanted to start exercising again in 2015 and signed up for her first Crossfit class. It did not take long before the challenge turned to a trajectory of love and progress. In 2017, after gaining weight she realized that her performance in the gym was suffering and she wasn’t getting the results she wanted. A year later, Lauren realized her true passion; she has an affinity for Powerlifting. 

Lauren is currently prepping for her first meet at 48kg. Vegan since 2012 and sober since 2014, both of these changes are instrumental to her continuing transformation. Recently Lauren joined Black Iron Nutrition and with their leadership she feels well, both mentally and physically, so much so that she felt a calling to join their team. After becoming a certified Life Coach in 2018, Lauren realizes her passion aligns fully with theirs. Lauren longs to create lasting healthy relationships for both body and mind. Above all, Lauren loves cooking, spending time in the gym, cuddling with her cats, and looking for her next adventure. She is looking forward to helping others reach their whole body nutrition goals.


  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1

  • JRNI Catalyst Life Coach