I began BIN at a really low spot mentally with fitness. I had progressed all I thought possible with CrossFit and fitness in general. No matter how much harder I worked, or extra time spent in the gym, I wasn't seeing PRs or really any sort of progress with skills, wod times, weights lifted, etc. I couldn't out-train my bad eating behaviors. During the 2017 open, I threw my hands in the air at my husband and said I needed to change my nutrition and admitted to needing help. I had put off "starting a diet" for so long in fear of eating only 1,200 cals/day and practically starving since that's all I had done in the past to lose body fat. Boy was I surprised when Krissy sent me my first numbers and I was eating a TON of food from the get-go AND losing body fat. I was eating more protein and changing my relationship with fat and carbs, treating them as fuel and timing them with my workouts. Krissy considered my mental feeling above all else, every week. I have lost a little over 30 pounds in roughly 5-7 months following the BIN plan. I have made mistakes, eaten out, taken mental untracked days, and given in to treats more than I should. But I always get back on the bandwagon the next day. Now I am eating about 2,030 cals/day, time my nutrients to my workouts, and I'm STILL losing body fat and slowly gaining lean muscle mass. I still have good and bad days in the gym, but good days happen about 95% of the time now. My relationship with food has totally changed. Now when I hear my friends talk about starting a diet and eating 1,200 cals/day to do it, I legitimately feel so bad for them because there are other, more comfortable options! The BIN program isn't easy. It takes some serious pre-planning and commitment. But if losing body fat was easy, then you probably wouldn't be reading my testimonial right now. Give the BIN team your HONEST effort for 6 weeks to dial in your metabolism.  The time will slip by at the same speed regardless of what you choose to do with your nutrition, but the worst thing is looking back with regret, wishing you would have made a positive change sooner.