What I saw in the mirror has been an issue for me for YEARS. Since my teens I have been trying to lose weight and have never really been satisfied with how I looked. I went from being an athlete in high school thinking I could eat whatever I wanted, to a partying sailor who didn’t think twice about her health except for making sure I was in the gym to burn it off, to a mom trying to lose the baby weight. 

Back in 2014 I signed up for Krissy’s flexible dieting program and never committed. Since then I’ve watched it turn into BIN and I always aspired to be a client and share a transformation. When I signed up this year in June I had two goals, one was to finally learn how to take care of my body when it came to food and the second was to make enough of a change to be shared as a “transformation”. 

Joining BIN was probably one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. It completely changed the way I view food and what it does for me. It gives me something to work for everyday and a community to speak to. You hear it all the time “if I can do it, so can you!” And that couldn’t be more of a true statement. I put this off for years, but even though I wish I would’ve started back in ‘14 I’m thankful that I started now. It’s never too late to change. I’m so grateful for the coaches I’ve had to keep me motivated when I was less than perfect and to remind me that I’m human. 

I hope one day someone sees my story and decides that it’s time they change their life too.