Welcome to Black Iron Nutrition, where we never expect you to be smaller. In fact, we are here to teach you how to be so much more than just another person on a diet, that you will never use the word diet again. We are in the business of creating sustainable, goal oriented lifestyles and we've helped over 5,000 clients across all demographics . We have the data to back up our methods and we utilize the thousands of spreadsheets our clients have created with us to shape our program and to help you accomplish your goals. Your journey could mean your pre-baby weight, your wedding day, healing from illness, competing on the national platform, 100 pounds of weight loss, making it to the CrossFit Games, or maybe you just don’t want to fear your favorite foods anymore. It is entirely up to you and we are here to help you see it through.


Step 1: Take our carefully curated quiz to determine the best coach to help you achieve your goals
Step 2: Apply and wait to hear back from Krissy
Step 3: Set up your payment and profile and fill out a detailed questionnaire
Step 4: Review our resources and guides to getting started
Step 5: Receive your initial macro targets and meet your coach
Step 6: Track and upload weekly progress in our software platform to check in with your coach
Step 7: Receive feedback and set goals for the following week

For a more detailed explanation visit our HOW IT WORKS page