I was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While as a teen, being more interested in punk rock than sports, I was always competitive but not finding an outlet for that until the age of 21 when I stumbled upon powerlifting.  This led to what soon became somewhat of an continually get stronger and gain more knowledge about strength and the human body.  Unfortunately, not long after finding my passion in fitness, I suffered from a spontaneous pneumothorax, jargon for a collapsed lung.  After numerous hospital stays due to it recurring, two failed surgeries later, I was finally ok after a third and successful surgery, with 50% less lung capacity in my right lung, and surgeons telling me I’d never lift heavy again. Six months passed and I honestly couldn’t stand it. I had to get back to what I loved, or at least try. I took everything very slow and I was eventually back to where I left off.  Gotta love muscle memory!!! Finally at age 26 I entered my first powerlifting meet, taking first place in the 165lb weight class.  Since then I have competed in the 165,181, and 198lb weight classes with a total of 28 powerlifting meets. Two years ago, I made the switch from powerlifting to bodybuilding, now competing in the NPC federation in classic physique. 

I’ve been obsessed with fitness from the day I stepped into the gym, and even more so when I was told I couldn’t do what I loved.  I read, watched, and listened to every bit of knowledge I could absorb through books, videos, seminars, and fellow fitness enthusiasts. In the past five years I’ve found another passion, and that’s coaching.  Paying forward the knowledge I’ve gained in my  journey.  My primary goal is to empower individuals with a better sense of awareness, accountability and self confidence through fitness. 

Outside of the gym I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, hiking, climbing, traveling and most of all long walks on the beach with cute dogs.


  • ISSA certified

  • 10 years competitive powerlifting 

  • Competed in 28 powerlifting meets

  • Nationally qualified NPC competitor

  • 17 years of fitness obsession 


  • Prior world record holder in IPA federation for raw deadlift and total

  • 2nd place at RAW unity invitational meet (2016)

  • 3rd place at Night of the Living Deadlift Pro/Am (2011)

  • 2nd place at Mid Atlantic Classic Cup in open division for classic physique