I swear BIN stands for Balance Is Necessary. I never would have thought that a nutrition program would change so much about me-- for the better! Of course I joined for a superficial reason. I had been doing crossfit for 2 years and wasn't seeing the changes in my body that I wanted (a.k.a "Where my abs at, dude?!"), so I started counting macros alone... and was doing it all wrong.

I finally started BIN feeling ready to make a change. Originally I was embarrassed to tell some of the ladies (ladies at the time being Ashley, Kelsey & the goddess herself-- Krissy) about how I messed up and ate that slice of cake (or two), or that I didn't understand how to determine High Volume training from Low Volume training. Or when I went out and had a couple of drinks. That ended after month one when I was in the FB group and realized-- I'M NOT ALONE! The same reason I fell in love with Crossfit (community, progress and the challenge) were the same reasons I fell in love with BIN. And, slowly but surely, writing to these ladies became my diary. They knew EVERYTHING about me, which helped them learn how to better help me! And as that happened, I became more honest with them in my check-ins and became more honest with myself and my eating habits. I began to realize that it was truly okay for me to eat that donut and how much better I could be if I were flexible with my eating. I've gained more energy, I'm in better shape- physically and strength wise, and my FAVORITE part of it all-- I am SO in-tune with myself. I know what weeks I'm going to be more tired, I know what to eat on a 1 rep max day, I know how to go out to eat and ENJOY getting dinner, dessert AND drinks (my favorite triple D combo), and all of that radiates in my life. Getting married AND turning 30 this year (in the same week- mind you), I was in the BEST SHAPE of my life and In the BEST MINDSET of my life! And when people say "Oh, jess, if I worked out like you, I would eat all those cookies, too" I smirk a little knowing "no, if you had a coach like me **shout out to Ash!** you would eat all these cookies because you know IT IS OK!". #BalanceIsNecessary