Jessica was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. She has spent many years hiking and adventuring in the mountains that she loves so much. Jessica is an avid hiker, adventurer, CrossFit & lifting hobbyist, paddle boarder, and a yoga enthusiast. She is both a wife and mother, and lives a busy lifestyle on the run. Jessica is unique in that she comes not from the fitness industry, but is a product of Black Iron Nutrition’s BINternship program. Jessica has a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from University of California, Davis, with a minor in Environmental Toxicology, a Master of Science in Environmental Health, and is three classes away from an MBA in sustainability. Jessica interned for three months in the GI unit at the UC Davis School of Medicine, and then spent three years in biomedical research at the UC Davis MIND institute searching for therapeutic treatments for Alzheimer's disease and Autism. Once Jessica got married and started a family, she decided the arduous life of research was too much to maintain. Spending 60 hours a week in a research lab was crushing her family time. In 2013, Jessica decided to switch gears and became a Registered Environmental Health Specialist. She now works on a daily basis to protect public health and the environment. Long story short, Jessica is a science geek.

This interest in science, and seeking a path to her own health and fitness, led Jessica to BIN’s door step. Overweight and uncomfortable in her own skin, Jessica spent years struggling with eating disorders, yoyo dieting, failed attempts at fad diets, and what felt like wasted hours in the gym with zero progress to show for it. When Jessica hit 30, her mother became diabetic after years of similar habits. Reflecting on her own lifestyle, Jessica realized that her diet and fitness levels were not in line with her education, goals, and belief system. It was time for her to walk the walk and get serious about her long term health. She decided to start her journey with BIN and made the commitment to make her own health and wellness a priority. Based on her personal successes experienced with BIN, Jessica became interested in helping others find health and nutritional balance in their own lives. When BIN opened their internship program in the fall of 2018, Jessica knew this was her opportunity to make her interest a reality. After a rigorous selection process, Jessica secured an internship with Coach Megan Markoff. Jessica spent 10 weeks working with Megan to learn the ins and outs of BIN’s program, nutrition philosophy, and coaching methodology. 

Jessica is excited to continue her journey with BIN as both client and coach and looks forward to teaching people that balanced health and nutrition is not only for elite athletes and those that are “naturally fit.” She strongly believes that balanced nutrition is vital to a healthy body and mind, and that if leading a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition is achievable for her, it’s achievable for anyone. Here at BIN we are confident Jessica can help others achieve their health and nutritional goals whether this is the first step of their health and fitness journey or whether they are looking to dial in their nutrition for greater fitness and performance.

Certifications / Experience

  • BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

  • MS in Environmental Health

  • Precision Nutrition L1