This is just the beginning!! That’s exactly the last message I got from my coach. She has given me the self assurance I needed to navigate being a wife and mother over 40 while being on the BIN program. I’m finally shedding the weight I never thought I could lose. Not only am I seeing it in the mirror but I am seeing results at the gym as well!! Before joining BIN I would participate in nutrition challenges but never see the results I was looking for. I would quit tracking and my weight always managed to sneak back to its happy place especially after going on vacation or hanging out with friends. Coach Maggie has helped me prepare and stay focused while going on our family Spring Break and even while chaperoning a 5th grade overnight field trip! While I’m not always perfect, she has encouraged me to get back on track and keep a positive mindset. I have learned that flexible dieting works for me and is a lifestyle I can manage no matter how busy life gets! Thank you Maggie and Krissy!! Black Iron is life changing!!