When Black Iron Nutrition was founded, there was zero intention of it growing into what it is today; well over 1,000 active clients across a total of 15 coaches. How did we get to this point? By creating an internship program from within, with a goal to formulate a team of diverse, hard working people who have walked the walk. The Black Iron Nutrition Team is always growing, thanks to our amazing clients who want to give back what BIN gave to them. What better avenue to pursue coaching than through the service that helped them in the first place?

The Black Iron Nutrition Coaching Internship, or the BINternship, was accidentally created in early 2016 when we found ourselves up to ears in clients (saying “no” to people in need is hard). The goal has always been to help as many people as possible improve their relationship with food & love their body, so we let the business grow despite the stress also growing. Once the hours finally became too long to manage, we frantically started looking at clients whom had made the most progress, were familiar with our coaching system, & had a background that would mesh well to help us offset the workload. First by helping manage inquire emails & general questions, eventually being coached into drafting replies to weekly check ins & formulating relationships with our clients.

This would be the start of the BINternship program, as the first client we hired had something to offer that the original three of us did not: pregnancy & motherhood. In our efforts to offer a coach to everyone we started to choose interns who fit the above-mentioned criteria and who we eventually wanted on board as coaches to further diversify our team & keep up with the broadening demand. The business started to grow by hiring clients whom underwent incredible transformations, leaving them inspired to pursue coaching. More coaches meant the ability to take on more clients as the Black Iron Nutrition reputation grew. More coaches also meant the need for additional interns, thus creating even more opportunities for our hardworking clients.

The more clients we are able to turn into successful coaches, the more people the program can collectively help at once, and the larger the ripple effect becomes. One of the most incredible things about BIN is that so many clients get inspired to pursue nutrition coaching after undergoing a life altering experience.

BINternship Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of nutritional sciences; degrees, specialties, & certifications are a great bonus, but not entirely necessary

  • Current Black Iron Nutrition Client; we need our team to be up to speed with the current software, projects, & events

  • Minimum of three months in the program; we need our team to fully understand our methodology, our resources, & our check in process

  • Some sort of physical AND mental transformation during your time with us; no transformation is too small

  • A desire to potentially join our team full time, making BIN your professional priority

  • Currently available to clients in the US only

  • Must be available to work a minimum of 2 hours on weekday mornings

BINternship Details:

The Black Iron Nutrition Internship program is a 16 week unpaid internship, ending in the potential full time coaching employment with the company.

Upon applying, your submission will be reviewed by the team. We will assess your signup sheet, your progress since joining, we will talk to your coach, & look at any additional credentials or experience you may have in the field. If you are selected, you will be paired with the appropriate BIN coach to serve as your mentor through your internship. 

At the beginning of the internship, you can expect to answer general questions in the community Facebook group & answer questions from clients outside of check ins to begin formulating relationships with clients. Working closely with your mentor, you will start to assist with weekly check ins during the middle of your internship. At the sixteen week mark, your mentor will assess your coaching & decide if you are going to be a good fit to the team.

Access to the application can be found within the software portal under the resources tab when the program opens (must be an active client to access). We open the program a couple times a year based on coaching staff needs.