When I first started BLN in May I posted a picture of my newborn who had just spent 5 weeks in the NICU after arriving early. I decided to join and really key in my nutrition to be the healthiest I can be for him. He is now a healthy 7 months old and I’m 5# down! More so than the weight loss I feel amazing. Ava has worked with me through my crazy post pregnancy hormones, taking it slow to ensure my body was getting enough. My lifts have gotten stronger, my workouts have gotten faster. I feel better in my workouts than I did pre-pregnancy! Not only does Ava care about whether I want to “cut” or “bulk”, she cares about mental health, she cares about the stress on a women’s body, she cares about you as a person! That’s why I love BIN. You guys are awesome and a blessing in my life. Being a new mom is stressful and if anyone says it’s not hard they are a liar. So doing this for myself makes me pretty damn proud.