Krissy Mae Cagney

Owner & Head Nutritionist, GUT Health GODDESS

Krissy was born in Hawaii, but raised in Reno, NV, where she attended high school and college, graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno. Fitness was a part of her life from a young age as her parents were both competitive triathletes who encouraged physical activity and participation in team sports. Krissy became a personal trainer at 18, expecting it only to be a college job, but soon developed a passion for helping others, and decided to pursue a career in fitness after graduating.

Krissy relocated to Southern California in 2012, where she was exposed to powerlifting and CrossFit, furthering her growth as a coach and athlete. Soon after, in 2013, Krissy overcame her decade-long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Her newfound sobriety prompted Krissy to put herself in a new, even more challenging environment: New York City. Relocating to New York gave Krissy the opportunity to work with all manner of athletes, including NFL professionals. While living in Manhattan, Krissy wrote and published numerous books on her nutrition philosophies, and created a lifestyle brand, Doughnuts & Deadlifts, that is representative of those philosophies.

Krissy relocated back to Reno in October of 2015 to open Black Iron Gym and launch Black Iron Nutrition. Through Black Iron Gym and Black Iron Nutrition, Krissy hopes to provide the fitness community with an empowering environment where people can learn, and become both mentally and physically stronger.

In September of 2017, Krissy was diagnosed with the auto-immune disorder, Celiac Disease. Soon after, she was then diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Krissy is eager to help others with her GI condition achieve gut health through proper nutrition.


  • 12 years in the fitness industry
  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Westside Barbell Certified Coach
  • USAPL Club Coach
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Ashley Beaver

Director of Nutrition, FOXY FLEXIBLE FOODIE

Ashley’s career as an athlete started at a very young age. She grew up doing competitive dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. She’s always had a passion for fitness, but chose to take a break from competition while earning her bachelors degree from the University of the Pacific. Shortly after she graduated in 2008, she was introduced to CrossFit through her trainer, Gabe Subry, who is still her coach today. Her past in gymnastics and her desire to compete again had her incredibly excited to be a part of this new sport. She did CrossFit recreationally while living in San Francisco and then Australia.

In 2013, when she moved back to California, she completed her CrossFit Level 1 certificate and began coaching and training more consistently. Ashley’s competed four times at the CrossFit Regionals, three times on a team and once as an individual. She’s a professional athlete for the NPGL’s San Francisco Fire and she’s competed at the USAW American Open. Ashley’s excited to be a part of the Black Iron Nutrition coaching staff. She’s passionate about food and nutrition and helping people find healthy and sustainable diets that matches their goals and lifestyle.

Certifications / Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics


  • CrossFit Games NorCal Regional Team Athlete (2013, 2014, 2017)
  • USAW American Open 69kg Lifter (2014)
  • CrossFit Games California Regional Athlete (2015)
  • NPGL Athlete for the San Francisco Fire
  • FitAid Sponsored Athlete
  • Puori Sponsored Athlete



Kay Jassel 

vegan vixon

Kay Jassel was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. Kay played sports and was a dancer growing up. Kay has always enjoyed lifting and staying active, but she struggled with her weight and body image for most of her life. Kay also battled disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, and years of digestive issues. After countless doctor appointments, restrictive diets, and being put on different medications. Kay became passionate about nutrition and learned how to manage her health issues naturally. In 2014, Kay switched to a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons and has since spent much of her time studying the health benefits of a plant based diet.

In 2015, Kay earned her personal training certification from The American Council on Exercise. Kay’s history and personal struggles put her in a unique position with her clients, because she understands how difficult it can be to manage health problems, while trying to achieve fitness related goals. Being able to help others and see her clients in a healthier place both physically and mentally, is what fuels Kay’s passion for fitness and nutrition.

Certifications / Experience

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Manders Marie

karb kween

Amanda grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then relocated to South Florida for high school and college. Amanda was a competitive dancer and gymnast throughout her childhood where she discovered her love for health and fitness. Always knowing she wanted to do something in that field, she continued on into college to study exercise science and health promotion at FAU. Her focus has always been helping others understand the human body and proper nutrition, and since finding CrossFit in 2014, she has been able to follow her passion to do that. 

In 2016, Amanda got her CFL1 and began coaching clients in CrossFit and nutrition. Since then she has coached over 200 clients and continues to share her passion and knowledge of health and fitness via her Youtube and seminars. She is working towards her goal of completing a masters in dietetics while continuing to further her education to become as well rounded of a coach as possible. 

Amanda coaches CrossFit at CrossFit Boynton beach and has coached CrossFit Kids at Crossfit Wellington. 

Certifications / Experience: 

  • CrossFit L1
  • Pursuing a Degree in Exercise Science Health and Masters of Dietetics


  • 5+ years competitive dance
  • USAW competitive weightlifter 

Kelsey Kiel


Kelsey was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kelsey was a collegiate soccer player and when she graduated, she moved into coaching soccer at the youth and collegiate levels. Kelsey found CrossFit almost three years ago and shifted her focus to that sport. She is a CF-L1 Trainer and enjoys coaching athletes of all skill levels.

In 2016, Kelsey qualified for the East Regional with team CrossFit Parallax, where they took second, qualifying for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. The team took 19th our of 40 teams in their rookie debut. Kelsey is working towards her goal of competing at a high level as an individual and she made it to the South Regional in 2017, finishing in 10th place.

Kelsey completed a year long internship under Krissy Mae Cagney in 2016/2017 to prepare her for her job with Black Iron Nutrition. Kels has now worked with over 2,000 athletes through Black Iron Nutrition and she is also in charge of BIN seminars around the country.

Certifications / Experience

  • CrossFit L1
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business


  • 2017 CrossFit Games South Regional Athlete, Individual
  • 2016 CrossFit Games Athlete, Team
  • Doughnuts & Deadlifts Sponsored Athlete
  • Junk Brands Sponsored Athlete
  • ROMWOD Sponsored Athlete

Emi Mraule

Aesthetic Architect

Emily was born and raised in a small town outside of Sacramento, California. Active through childhood, she found herself slightly lost in adulthood from not participating in any sports or physical activity. Thus, in 2011, she enrolled in her very first gym membership and her life was  permanently changed for the better. Emily soon became fascinated with how the body could be sculpted, transformed, and healed merely from diet and exercise. This ignited a fire within her, and she soon embarked on her career in fitness; filling her brain with as much knowledge as possible via textbooks, podcasts, and articles.

From there, Emily pursued her career as a personal trainer and coach. She relocated to Southern California in 2012 to work alongside Krissy for several years and to further expand her knowledge. To her, being a coach is more than changing a client’s physical appearance, but also changing their mindset. Emily is a huge advocate of self-love and finding the perfect balance with training, nutrition and life.

Certifications / Experience

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • 7 years experience


Maggie Shaffer

mom of macros

Maggie was born in Baton Rouge, LA but was raised in Houston, TX until relocating to Dallas, TX after receiving her Bachelors in Psychology from Sam Houston State University. She began her graduate work at TCU in Fort Worth, Tx in Behavioral Neuroscience and then decided to start a family with her husband in Dallas.

In 2012 Maggie was introduced to the sport of CrossFit. In 2013 she attended her Level-1 seminar and quickly felt that coaching was her passion. Since then she has received her Level-2 CrossFit certification and continues to attend as many CrossFit and nutrition seminars as possible in order to become the most effective coach she can be. She has been coaching CrossFit in Dallas since September of 2013.

Maggie began her internship with Black Iron Nutrition in the Spring of 2017 and believes in the power of food and nutrition in regards to mental and physical health. She is excited to be on staff with Black Iron Nutrition and looks forward to helping both men and women of all backgrounds find balance with food, family, and fitness while enjoying life to it’s fullest. 

Maggie offers unique insight to nutrition as a parent, as she is the only coach with children.

Certifications / Experience

  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit L2
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Starting Strength

Ava Truckey


Ava was born in Denver, CO where she lived until she was 7, relocating to Minnesota with her mother. She spent the next ten years splitting time between Colorado and Minnesota, graduating high school in rural Minnesota. After she graduated she lived in Houston, TX and Seattle, WA before settling in Denver again where she currently resides with her family.

It wasn’t until the birth of her daughter, Scarlett, in August 2016 that she knew she wanted and needed to get serious about her health, mindset and wellness. Ava grew up with parents that struggled with food addiction and substance abuse and for the majority of her adolescence through her twenties, she followed suit. In January 2017 she made the commitment to herself to change her life forever and set out to lose 100 lbs. She began working with Krissy Cagney and Black Iron Nutrition February 2017, managing to lose 70 lbs in 2017 alone.

Her own transformation, inspirational coaching, desire to learn and passion for helping others led her to obtain her certification in nutrition through Precision Nutrition. She is now a personal chef, using her knowledge in nutrition to create balanced and customizable menus for her clients. 

Ava is a lover of food, cooking, music, reading, the outdoors, and philanthropy. An advocate for self love, it is important to Ava to raise her daughter in a way that promotes women’s empowerment, kindness, independency, and an appreciation for nature. 

Ava believes it is an honor and privilege to coach with Black Iron Nutrition. Her intention is to work with women and mothers to repair their relationships with food, themselves and their own mindset. 

Certifications / Experience

  • Precision Nutrition L1

Zach Anderson

Protein Prosecutor

Zach is Black Iron Nutrition's first male coach, but his success within Black Iron Nutrition has been absolutely because of Krissy Mae Cagney, and his wife, Laura. Zach has an extensive athletic career. Zach was a competitive swimmer for 16 years, competing for Brigham Young University in distance freestyle and butterfly events on scholarship. While at BYU, Zach was the team captain of the men’s swimming team, receiving recognition as a three-time NCAA Division I Academic All-American; five-time National Championship Competitor; two-time Open Water National Championship Competitor; and a NCAA Division I Championships Competitor. Zach was also recognized as the “Most Valuable Swimmer” and was voted by his teammates as the “Most Inspirational Swimmer.” Following his swimming career, Zach ran five marathons and three half marathons and coached USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming. Realizing he missed the team aspect of athletics, Zach began CrossFit in February 2013. Since that time, Zach has become at staple at local Nebraska competitions and has traveled across the country to compete at various competitions.

When Zach realized that spending hours at the gym, in the pool, or pounding the pavement wasn't enough, he constantly found himself frustrated with diets that would offer quick results, but not allow for sustainability. Finally becoming completely fed up with "fixes," he joined Black Iron Nutrition, along with Laura. The two were looking for a nutrition program that was possible to maintain in full-time professional jobs, while not completely giving up on foods they loved to eat. In one year, Zach and Laura lost around 75 pounds, completely overhauling their relationships with food, themselves, and each other, while also making giant strides in CrossFit.

Zach is an attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska licensed to practice law in five states. He understands how to handle high stress situations and daily difficulties and how to overcome the desire to "stress eat" or "emotionally binge." His relatable personality, ability to listen, and to provide beneficial feedback provide for a well-rounded coaching experience. Moreover, as Laura is a doctor of occupational therapy, he will regularly turn to her for insight on behalf of his clients to provide feedback for working professionals and couples trying to make sustainable, positive changes.

In his free time, Zach enjoys spending time with his rescue dog, Burpee, and rescue cat, George. He is the co-host of the podcast, "Lift Like Lawyers," and also records videos with Laura for his YouTube channel, "Anderson Macro Machines." 


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Juris Doctor, Creighton University School of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Brigham Young University
  • Financial Peace University Graduate
  • USA Swimming & USMS Masters Swimming Coach


  • Dermalicious sponsored athlete
  • 36 Apparel sponsored athlete
  • Licensed to practice law in five states
  • Three-time NCAA Division I Academic All-American in Swimming
  • NCAA Division I Championships Individual Competitor
  • Five-time USA Swimming National Championship Competitor
  • Two-time Open Water National Championship Competitor
  • Precision Nutrition Top 30 Coaching Finalist

Jilda Lamb


Jilda was born and spent the first 12 years of her life in Santa Cruz, CA. She was enthusiastically involved in multiple recreational sports throughout her childhood, but shifted her focus to academia during her high school years in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Although she remained active and had a budding passion for nutrition, the root of her reasoning was an unhealthy one that ultimately led to a long battle with both anorexia and bulimia. 

In 2008, Jilda relocated to Olympia, WA to attend college. The following year, after suffering from painful, unexplained symptoms for several months, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. She realized she needed to re-envision her definition of health and took up strength training at a local gym, quickly falling in love with how it made her look and feel. In 2012, on a recommendation by a friend, she walked into a CrossFit gym and became instantly enamored with the competitive community atmosphere.

Although a strict paleo diet helped to keep her Crohn's disease in remission, her progress in both training and body recomposition had long been at a standstill. In 2015, she read Krissy Cagney's "Flexible Dieting 2.0" and began implementing its recommendations with an enormous amount of success. Wanting to fine tune even further, she joined Black Iron Nutrition in 2016 and has worked closely with her coach, Kelsey, to become the best athlete she can be while still prioritizing optimal wellness. Her physical and mental transformations inspired her to undertake an internship with BIN in 2018 in hopes of ultimately working with clients who are eager to optimize their athletic performance and develop a relationship with food that encourages fueling for their training goals. She firmly believes that form follows function and is on a mission to prove that well fed athletes make the happiest, healthiest, and strongest athletes.

Jilda still resides in Olympia, WA, where she owns and manages a successful sterling silver jewelry business with her dad. She is also a CF-L1 trainer at her gym, Northwest Iron--DFS CrossFit. 


  • Bachelors of Arts
  • CrossFit L1
  • USA-W Level 1 Sports Performance
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progress)