Working with Black Iron Nutrition for the past year has completely changed my life for the better! Almost my entire life I had an extremely poor relationship with food. I remember being terrified of gaining weight and eating foods that I deemed “bad" or "unhealthy.” I started off my fitness journey when I was 14 years old by joining my school cross country team; however, I was still very restrictive with food and with the number of calories I ate in a day. I quickly realized that the copious number of miles I was running everyday while severely under-eating was awful for my athletic performance and my overall health. I just could not ever reach the 5K times I wanted and on top of that I was very unhappy with my body. Truthfully, my body image was always horrible and never once growing up did I feel comfortable in my own body.   

Fast forward to 2016 when I first began powerlifting and working with Black Iron Nutrition. As a full-time college student, life can get extremely exhausting and stressful. However, working with Ashley I’ve learned how to balance school, work, nutrition, and powerlifting. I've learned to be proud of my ability to successfully juggle so many aspects of life and to still prioritize my health (which I've never been able to do in the past!) I’ve also learned how to be gentler with myself and to appreciate my body for what it does physically; to be grateful and proud for new PR’s. Most importantly, I now don’t restrict food at all and I’ve also learned the true definition of balance. If I crave something I eat it and I incorporate all types of food into my diet!

In this past year, I’ve added over 100 pounds to both my squat and deadlift and I’m no longer afraid of gaining weight. In fact, all I want to do now is be bigger and stronger and I am currently eating more food than I ever have in my entire life! BIN has helped me do everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing as an athlete. I’m confident in my body and have a level of self-love that I never thought was possible!