After embracing the college lifestyle for quite some time, I started trying to do flexible dieting on my own after receiving starter macros from Krissy Mae Cagney at Black Iron Gym in 2017, but then I realized what I needed was accountability because I wasn’t seeing a lot of progress. I started my one-on-one BIN journey with Megan on July 9, 2018 when my sweatpants no longer fit me. Since then, I’ve enjoyed birthdays, holidays, and get togethers with no regrets because that’s how life should be. On a day-to-day basis is what most people don’t see, accountability. This has been done by completing weekly check-ins with Megan and going over my food log. My check-ins have never been demeaning, and I always learn something new after each one. Megan has been encouraging in so many ways since my first day. Thank you Megan for continuously providing me with the knowledge that I need on this BIN journey. Now those same sweatpants don’t fit me, because they are too loose.