Autopilot noun

au·to·pi·lot | \ ˈȯ-tō-ˌpī-lət  \

1: a device for automatically steering ships, aircraft, spacecraft (and now humans… sorta)

While we firmly believe that one-on-one coaching is the quickest, safest, and most effective way to achieve results and change your active lifestyle for the better, we get it. It is a MASSIVE, semi long-term physical, mental, and financial commitment that you can’t stick with forever. Or maybe it just simply isn’t your vibe for whatever reason, and the idea of having to talk to someone about your diet and have your behavior analyzed every week is excessive or turns you off.

So, what are you supposed to do? Purchase a one-time macro calculation from a coach? Buy a template? Use an online calculator? We all know how these things go. You aren’t being held accountable with those one-time purchases and the online calculators only take your basic stats into account, leaving out the most important factor: your uniqueness and the importance of building your diet around that uniqueness.

BIN Autopilot is here to bridge that gap for the people short on money, time, or who simply just don’t need or want a coach’s weekly feedback. We are creating the “in between” to help add accountability while removing guesswork for the people who are not working one-on-one with a coach for whatever reason. We are offering to check up on you once a week to adjust your macros as you progress or as your goals change. Instead of using a risky online algorithm, we would like to personally take all your metrics into account not only at sign up, but week after week.

Our super badass software will provide you with more metrics and data about your progress and diet than any other nutrition software on the market and you’ll also gain access to our incredible Facebook community filled with thousands of people willing to help you reach your goals… unless you are joining this program because you are anti-social, in which case we won’t add you (winky face).




This is a 3-month commitment minimum. After you complete three months, you may cancel at any time.