BIN Wellness was created for those who want a simple approach to eating healthy, without tracking macros. Your goals are focused on your overall health, how to become more in tune with what your body craves, and how to stay properly fueled for any physical activity level. Typically, when we start to listen to what our bodies need, we see our weight balance out, our energy levels increase, and our cravings decrease. We use food journals to help you learn better habits for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. You will get guidance on better food options and how to get adequate macros without fully tracking. Our goal is to get you to a place where you’re eating for your body’s needs and have the knowledge to do it without having to calculate and spend time overthinking what you eat.

This program is run by Emily Rodela, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Emily is certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and also runs our BIN Restore program. Restore is a much more in depth program that focuses on using specific foods and supplements to improve chronic issues and includes optional phone call check ins.

If you aren’t sure whether Restore or Balance is the right route, feel free to email Emily at

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