For anyone thinking that there is no hope and life is just monotonous. I was there. For anyone that hates their unhealthy relationship with food, and NEEDS a change. I was there. And for anyone that struggles waking up in the morning because there is no purpose and excitement to life. I was there.

6-7 short months ago..I was lost in a world of ingratitude, depression, and negativity. I felt the world was out to get me. Nothing ever seemed to go my way. I couldn’t allow my mind to focus on the present and forget the past.

I grew up in a huge basketball family and saw a lot of hardships growing up. To please my parents, I accepted a scholarship to play college basketball. As the days went by I grew irritable and hated what I was becoming. I grew to hate the sport. I dreaded each day despite the scholarship I had, and fell into a funk of sadness. 

I was not the partying type so I spent a lot of time in silence in my dorm room. I remember nights that I truly cried myself to sleep. I developed an unhealthy relationship with food. I used it as a coping method for my sadness and loneliness. And found that it did not answer any of my issues. It made it worse.

I grew overweight quicker than ever. It was demoralizing..I knew I needed a change.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion to quit my basketball playing career. And was led to the sport of CrossFit. I fell in love immediately. Another BIN member (Phil Kniep) recommended I try out this program. 

BIN absolutely changed the trajectory of my life. I fell in love with the flexible dieting philosophy. My relationship with food became something I loved. I no longer ate to store but to fuel my body properly. This is a special feeling. That I hope everyone can discover. I lost over 20 pounds in 5-6 months. My mindset changed, I woke up every morning eager and genuinely excited to go about my day. I developed a passion towards nutrition and CrossFit. And plan to do something with it in my future. And change the lives of others like the BIN program did for me. Most importantly I could look myself in the mirror with a happiness that I never knew existed. 

This is a truly unique program and I hope everyone invests in a membership. But most importantly, invest in YOURSELF. We all deserve to be comfortable in our own skin. And through flexible dieting, no restrictions, and a lifestyle change..it can come much easier than expected. If I can make a change this quickly, I know for sure anyone can. Find your happiness!